Xpertics solutions Inc. is proud to implement IAM Solutions since 2004. Our deep and practical knowledge aims to cover the multiple stages of cleaning and preparation access and security data, implementation of access management suites (provisioning, de-provisioning, automation tasks with workflows, consolidation and synchronization of Identity and directory services, etc.).

Our approach is based on best practices in modeling access management processes including the implementation of RBAC models and associated processes. We use role-based management technologies (Role Mining) since initial first publication of RBAC standards by NIST. Our RBAC implementation methodology, combined with internal access modeling tools, allows quick and cost-effective access to the general objectives of access and identity management projects.

IT Access control is a key and fundamental control for the security of information assets and their protection. The prevention of security incidents requires access control enforcement at various IT environment and states. Contact us for more information on these services !

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