To take the right decisions, IT managers and decision makers need to know exactly how much their IT services and infrastructure is exposed to IT threats and vulnerabilities. The purpose of this service is to provide a clear picture of the risk level, the protective measures in place with their quality and adequacy evaluation as well as the effective functioning of these measures. How to conduct an IT security risk analysis to establish a risk portrait and plan for enforcing the right remediation measures?  We recommend and help adopting recognized good practices with professional judgment and appreciation of risks in the technological and business context of the operations of your organization.

Our risk management methodology takes advantage of our 20+ years’ experience and on the actual business objectives your organization set to the management of security risks. Xpertics solutions is proud to offer its service in the implementation of corporate security risk management programs aligned with global enterprise risk management program (ERM).

Our approach is based on the Risk IT framework Published by ISACA. We can assist in implementing this comprehensive risk management framework for your organization's IT activities using a systematic, structured, graduated approach that is fully aligned with ISACA's recommendations and best practices for risk Information.

We constantly update our knowledge and tools to consider new technology platforms such as mobility, virtualization, globalization, social media and adoption of the cloud platforms and cloud services.

For more information about our service, please contact us here, we will be pleased to evaluate for you the implementation of this service within your organization using a business case demonstrating the tangible benefits.

To explore this frame of reference, please refer to ISACA's RiskIT Repository page: 


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