We support our customers in leveraging cloud platforms and services to increase benefits, application security while lowering the cost of acquiring technology infrastructure. At Xpertics Solutions we created a specific offer of technological services well adapted to the technological context in constant evolution.

YES, it is possible to take advantage of the new technological solutions on the cloud to acquire, deploy and use IT infrastructure, platforms or solutions in the form of subscription to services. You will pay only for what you use and of the volumes and capacity you need.

We provide as a security as a service, subscriptions to:

  • Directory Services (LDAP)
  • Advanced and Multi-Factor Authentication Services
  • Identity Management Service (ID as a service)
  • External Application Access Management Service
  • Identity federation service in the internet
  • Software Logs collection, retention and analysis service (SIEM as a service)
  • Orchestration service (Workflows)
  • Education and Awareness training service
  • Other specific services on request.

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